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About our programs

Kung Fu, Tai Chi and  Qi Gong are part of Sun Qi Fitness. However Sun Qi Fitness is so much more! When you see the word "Sun" in our name, you might think about the earth's bright sun and that connection is fine with us since the sun is the most powerful and necessary energy source that we have. Sun also happens to be a surname. "Sun" is Min Min Valenti's maiden name. Min Min and John Valenti are the co-founders of Sun Qi Fitness. 
"Qi" (pronounced Chee) is energy and Qi Gong practitioners believe it to be the "life force" for living things. Qi Gong is an ancient practice used to build one's "life force".  Qi Gong is the fundamental aspect of Sun Qi Fitness programs and is believed to be the root of kung fu and tai chi.  We have a fitness program for just about everyone including kung fu for children, teens and adults. We also have tai chi programs.

"Fitness", as you know is "the condition of being physically fit and healthy".  According to the dictionary, disease and lack of fitness are closely related.

Sun Qi Fitness has been very fortunate to have a relationship with (Master) Sifu Hsieh Chin-Hua.  He has trained thousands of martial artists including Olympian - Mandy Fan.  Master Hsieh has certified Sun Qi Fitness to teach and complete the qualification for Cheng-Zhi 37 Forms under the Taiwan Contest Wu Shu Association. Sifu Hsieh is also honored with the title of Head Coach at Taiwan Wu Shu Contest Association.   Taiwan's Wu Shu and Tai Chi national champion and Olympian, Mandy Fan (Chinese name: Fan Manyun) is one of the world's leading Tai Chi champions and is considered a national treasure in Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Sun Qi Fitness, with its roots in qi gong, is an energy charged fitness program and you choose whether to combine your pursuit of fitness with kung fu qi gong in Dallas (or one of our other locations) or tai chi qi qong in Dallas (see location tab for all locations).

Hopefully this has given you a better understanding of our tai chi kung fu programs.  For more information or to find out about tai chi health, please feel free to contact us.