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THE founders


Qi Gong Masters

                                                        Min Min Sun Valenti

Min Min is fluent in both English and Chinese (Mandarin). She was born in Taipei Taiwan, ROC and at age 20, completed an associates degree in International Business in Taipei Commercial College. She then immigrated to the US to complete her bachelor degree in Actuarial Science.  Min Min graduated from Univ. of Iowa and subsequently worked in the pension consulting and life insurance industry as an associate actuary (ASA, MAAA).  In 1995 Min Min became a naturalized U.S. citizen. Min Min was inspired by her father, Jung Sun's life experiences. As a young man in China and then in Taiwan, he spent time in the military where martial art training was mandatory.  Min Min was trained and disciplined with Chinese folk dance and ballet in Taiwan.  In America, she continued to learn many workout styles including yoga, kick boxing, aerobics and martial arts.  With close family ties abroad, traveling to Taiwan  is part of her regular routine and when visiting Taiwan, she makes it a point to always further her abilities in the art of Tai Chi by seeking out highly skilled teachers.  Min Min is inspired by many styles of Tai Chi including Yang and Chen styles.  

                                                         John Valenti 

John was raised in Bensonhurst, a close knit Brooklyn, NY neighborhood.  He attended St. Frances Cabrini grade school where he joined his first karate class at age 13. He studied karate in the Moo Duk Kwan system for several years during the 1970s, and was an admirer of Bruce Lee. John would go to the local theater to see all his films.  He attended Xaverian H.S., in Brooklyn and then St. John's Univ. where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice.  After moving to Dallas, Texas, he pursued a career as a consultant specializing in tax and revenue recovery.  For twenty years, he acted as liaison between federal, state, and local government agencies and hundreds of fortune 500 and fortune 1000 companies. After meeting Min Min in 1989, he made numerous trips to Asia and practiced Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Kung Fu with Min Min to further his knowledge of the arts.   

Creating Sun Qi Fitness

For well over a decade, John and Min Min also studied qi gong, Shaolin Kung Fu and several kung fu animal styles including snake, crane, panther, tiger and dragon.  All of their past expertise inevitably influenced how they shaped Sun Qi Fitness into a high energy fitness program.​

John and Min Min continued to study additional styles including Israeli self defense because in the 21st century it seems there is a real necessity for preparedness in dealing with potentially threatening situations.  
One of the challenges John and Min Min faced was how to successfully intergrate their combined experiences into what is now Sun Qi Fitness. There are two separate, but related programs; these are Qi Fitness Kung Fu and Qi Fitness Tai Chi. Each program truly is a combination of John and Min Min's collective past fitness experience. 

"We've worked long and hard at the process; omitting some ineffective techniques and antiquated philosophies while including other aspects of our past training to come away with the best possible system for our students' fitness needs."  John and Min Min

Sun Qi Fitness: 

It is our mission to offer a bright fitness solution for your busy lifestyle!